Kigali, sustainable city

Rwanda's Ministry of Innovation and ICT, the City of Kigali, Tactis and their partners are working to improve the sustainability of the city of Kigali through the implementation of an ambitious digital project: an innovative citizen portal project coupled with the implementation of a network of sensors to monitor air quality. This project will be supported by a funding by the French Ministry of Finance.

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Technical partners

Why the choice of Kigali City ?

For several years now, the capital of Rwanda has been demonstrating its desire to become a technological hub in Africa. Through pilot projects, an innovative policy and an ambitious masterplan, the Smart City Rwanda Masterplan sets the objectives to transform Rwandan cities into smart & sustainable cities.


The City of Kigali is the winner of the "Wellbeing City Award 2019" which rewards the promotion of car-free days in the city and physical activities.


The city has a growing digital ecosystem that favours the emergence of startups with coworking and incubator centres.


With the introduction of the Tap&Go card, a paperless and cashless transport service, the city is at the forefront of innovation.

A favourable context for the deployment of the project









The city of Kigali has a population of 1.1 million.

The internet penetration rate is 52%.

More than 80% of Kigali households have a smartphone.

The 3G/4G coverage rate is 95% in Rwanda, 100% in Kigali.

The creation of a citizen portal for the inhabitants of the city of Kigali

Replicable to other cities in Africa, the implementation of this participatory citizen portal will allow the inhabitants of Kigali to interact with the urban authorities and, thanks to digital technology, to be better integrated into the city's decision-making centre:

Improve the quality of life of citizens

Fostering the responsiveness of city services

Structuring communication between city and inhabitants

Implementing new sustainable urban services

Enhancing Rwanda's reputation as a territory of innovation

Air quality monitoring through an innovative network of sensors

In addition to fixed sensors installed on public buildings, the measurement of air quality in the city of Kigali will be refined by a network of mobile geolocalized sensors installed on vehicles. This device will be coupled with a display platform so that city authorities can monitor air quality in real time.

Visualize live air quality in the city

Identify the most polluted areas

Obtain reliable data on pollution sources

Control the spread of respiratory diseases

Using data for urban planning and public decision making

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Bernard Binagwaho

Director Africa
Bernard is responsible for Tactis' development in Africa, and more particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, through the creation of the subsidiary in Kigali, Rwanda.

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