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Passionate about digital technology, the Tactis team is committed to supporting public players in their digital transformation and helping private players pool their investment efforts. Within Tactis, the association of general consultants and experts allows a transversal approach to projects, to build bridges between different universes (public/private, infrastructure/services, etc.) and to lead to pragmatic projects.

Tactis - Réseaux de télécommunication

Telecommunications networks

Tactis has extensive know-how in modelling, designing, assembling, monitoring and managing major telecommunications infrastructure projects (FttH / FTTx broadband access, 4G, 5G mobile networks, Wifi, fibre optic backbones, submarine cables, space communications, datacenters, professional radios, indoor networks, sensor networks, DTT, etc.)

Smart base

As a leading consulting firm in digital development in France, Tactis is naturally concerned by the challenges and problems of Smart City and Smart Territories. We are convinced that, in order to set up the latter, it is necessary first to build a transversal and shared infrastructure that will aim to “desilute” the connectivity of the territory concerned: this is what we call the “Smart Base”.

Smart Territories

Define and support the implementation of smart territory strategies The definition of intelligent territory strategies must be based on the priorities of local actors and their specificities in order to devise appropriate economic and contractual models. The implementation of the projects thus defined must be accompanied by the necessary measures for a sustainable transformation: data […]

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Since 1995, Tactis has been supporting public and private actors to provide them with business expertise in the fields of telecommunications infrastructure (FttH,4G, 5G, Sat) and Smart Territoires development (connected objects, data management, smart mobility, smartgrid, e-inclusion, citizen participation).

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