Engineering and deployment of telecommunication infrastructures

TACTIS' engineering teams' mission is to ensure that public or private project owners can carry out end-to-end management of their digital infrastructure projects (telecommunications, data centres, DTT, sensor networks / video protection, etc.).

Tactis' engineering teams are made up of experts who have been leading the design and construction of major telecommunications infrastructure networks in Europe and Africa for at least 20 years (within operators, equipment manufacturers, integrators and construction companies).

This expertise covers both fixed and mobile infrastructures:

  • Backbones and metropolitan networks (optical fibre, high-capacity microwave links),
  • Access networks (mobile cellular networks, fixed radio networks, wireless networks, etc.) in urban areas and high-density sites,
  • In rural areas/universal telecom service coverage (satellite, mobile radio, etc.),
  • Passive infrastructures (high points / TowerCo, Fiber Fiberco, technical rooms, etc.),

Our missions concern:

  • Identification, negotiation and follow-up of the construction of technical sites (Data center, shelters, outdoor, pylons)
  • The management of projects to reduce white areas (verification of coverage, identification of sites, monitoring of work...),
  • The deployment of WiFi networks for major events.


Support the implementation of the operation

tactis ingénierie

Our experts support the entire implementation phase of telecommunications networks :

  • Team building : definition of the organization, job profiles, recruitment assistance, training / skills transfer...
  • Formalization of the operating architecture and equipment to be implemented to ensure the operation, maintenance of the network and commercial activity (NOC Network Operations Center, CRM, information systems...)
  • Definition and support in the choice of subcontracting services


Audit an infrastructure

Tactis Ingénierie also acts as an independent expert in network evaluation procedures, infrastructure takeovers ("due diligence") or in dispute procedures between players.

Ensure a quality approach

Our teams have tools and methodologies at their disposal that are continuously enriched by our field experience. All the data produced by our teams complies with usable digital standards (Geographic Information Systems) and we structure our projects according to management methodologies adapted to complex projects (notably Project Management Professional®).

Project management process

Feasibility study

  • Survey
  • Infrastructure that can be mobilized
  • Theoretical link assessment
  • Mobile phone coverage card, wireless (WiFi...)
  • Generic engineering

Terms of reference

  • CCTP Drafting
  • Passive equipment
  • Active equipment


Decision support in the selection of suppliers

  • Analysis of offers
  • Technique
  • Financing
  • ROI


Monitoring of deployments

  • Validation of preliminary drafts
  • Validation of execution plans
  • Radio coverage validation
  • Fibre/radio link assessment
  • Civil engineering control
  • Obtaining administrative authorizations
  • Subcontracting management
  • Monitoring Committee
  • Financial follow-up (down payment / statement)
  • Planning


Reception work

  • Depth check GC
  • Factory acceptance
  • System validation
  • Validation of energy dimensioning
  • Chuck tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Pylon validation
  • Validation of DOEs (Dossier of Executed Works)
  • Reflectometry tests
  • VABF (Verification of Fitness for Good Operation)


Network operation

  • VSR (Regular Service Verification)
  • Network administration
  • Sizing of teams
  • Maintenance organization
  • Definition of spare batch
  • Team training
  • Implementation of management and operational tools
  • Implementation of customer relationship tools (CRM...)
Frédéric Landrin

Frédéric Landrin

Associate Director
An expert in the architecture of large fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, and after more than 25 years of experience with manufacturers and telecommunications operators, Frédéric joined Tactis in 2014 to manage major infrastructure projects through the Tactis Ingénierie subsidiary in French and emerging markets (particularly on the African continent).


Our references

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