Sector regulators

A totally independent consulting firm, Tactis provides sector regulators with analyses, studies and tools to improve their overall understanding of the market in the telecommunications, digital, postal and energy sectors.

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Our main consulting missions

  • Analysis of relevant markets,
  • Implementation of sectoral regulatory elements,
  • Auction design and resource allocation (e.g. frequency),
  • Implementation of universal service,
  • Strategy and implementation of decision support tools (e.g. observatory, geographical IS and open data platform, etc.),
  • Micro-economic analysis of markets,
  • Litigation support,
  • Wholesale pricing model.

Contact Yann Jaffré

Do you have a question about our advisory services for sector regulators? Need to remove doubts in view of a future project? Send an email to Yann Jaffré, Tactis Associate Director.

Découvrir le portrait de Yann Jaffré

Yann Jaffré

Associate Director Tactis
Former of Swisscom and SFR, Yann Jaffré joined the Tactis Group in 2017 as Associate Director in charge of  international development in the telecommunications and energy sector.
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