Tactis : project maker

Tactis supports public authorities and the main players from the private sector in France and abroad with strategic consulting, market research, regulation, economic modelling, financing, operational set-up and telecoms engineering studies.

National public authorities

Because Tactis was born from the desire to support territories in meeting the challenge of digital transformation, we regularly work with Ministries, national agencies in charge of digital technology, innovation, digital transformation, economic development, spatial planning, etc. Consulting services

Local authorities

In order to facilitate and ensure the success of the digital transformation of territories at all levels, our consulting firm regularly works with cities, territories, unions, planners, associations, etc. Our expertise is recognized in both strategic and engineering matters.

Infrastructure and service operators

Whether you are a telecommunications operator, MVNOs, content providers, infrastructure, energy or transport/mobility operators, Tactis can assist you in the technical and economic modelling of your innovative digital projects. Thanks to our association of generalists and experts, we can provide you with a transversal vision of your projects.

Sector regulators

A totally independent consulting firm, Tactis provides sector regulators with analyses, studies and tools to improve their overall understanding of the market in the telecommunications, digital, postal and energy sectors.

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Since 1995, Tactis has been supporting public and private actors to provide them with business expertise in the fields of telecommunications infrastructure (FttH,4G, 5G, Sat) and a Smart Territories development (connected objects, data management, smart mobility, smartgrid, e-inclusion, citizen participation).

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