Digital transformation of territories

The Digital Transformation division provides project management assistance expertise to rethink the opportunities offered by digital technologies for territorial development.

Address the challenges of the digital transformation of territories in several dimensions

Three common characteristics appear between the digital transformation projects of the territories:

1. The search for greater efficiency through digital technologies, in all areas of the territories: mobility, housing, energy, resource saving, services to residents, citizen participation,

2. A high technological intensity around a "digital base" made up of infrastructures, connected objects, data processing software, but also new training or collaborative work places,

3. Cities increasingly built and animated around a continuous flow of data to measure, analyse, anticipate, model and ultimately rethink territories.

The challenges of the digital transformation of territories

Build new forms of public-private partnerships between local authorities and startups/digital companies.

Transformation numérique Smart City économiser ressources


Save resources

Transformation numérique smart territoire service public


Imagine new public services through digital technology

transformation numérique smart city quotidien administrés

Facilitating the daily lives of citizens


Enhance local know-how and innovation

In collaboration with the actors of the territories, we design new services of public interest: innovation funds, community animation, digital inclusion, citizen participation, hypervision of the territories, new mobility, development of third party locations such as fab labs or co-working places.

We then help our clients (local authorities, governments, digital companies, start-ups, etc.) to implement public-private partnerships that make it possible to implement operational responses to these challenges.

To this end, we take great care to maintain a permanent and constructive dialogue between the public sector (State, local authorities, social landlords, etc.) and innovation stakeholders (start-ups, investment funds, digital companies) in order to implement new forms of sustainable and balanced collaboration.

To this end, we are leading a continuous process to identify innovative solutions that can be mobilized in the implementation of new services of public interest, and share these potential sources of inspiration with our customers. We are at the heart of an ecosystem that we are able to mobilize to devise creative and adapted responses.

We have assembled a team of multidisciplinary consultants whose expertise covers all phases of the implementation of innovation projects:

  • Master plan and innovation strategies (sourcing of innovative solutions adapted to the territorial context, prioritization of intervention axes, operational roadmaps, provisional budgets, economic models, etc.)
  • Strategic recommendations on the most appropriate contractual forms for your project (SCIC, Concession of services and works, Local Public Company, Global Performance Market, Service Market, Public Innovation Market...)
  • Assistance in the transfer of procedures (drafting of CCTP / RC / CCAP, drafting of reports analyzing applications / offers, negotiations with partners...).
  •  Monitoring of the public-private partnership's contractual obligations (performance indicators, solution availability rate, change management, triggering of penalties where applicable, etc.),
  •  Global evaluation of innovation systems (understanding of adoption/rejection mechanisms by populations, local communication campaigns, monitoring of service penetration indicators with citizens, operational recommendations to ensure continuous process improvement, etc.).

Finally, we consider it essential to popularize technological issues in order to enable decision-makers to truly take ownership of these issues. We also design our project management assistance missions with the aim of promoting the best possible transfer of skills to our clients.

Tactis is convinced that the emergence and implementation of intelligent projects in the territories can only be effectively achieved through consultation and co-construction. This is why the firm leads workshops with local stakeholders (elected officials, public actors, civil society, citizens...) so that they can contribute their field vision on daily issues.

The purpose of the work and expertise mobilized by Tactis is to enable territorial partners to appropriate all the parameters of the various possible options, to measure their impact by making their own "balance" of opportunities and risks, to strengthen internal skills and to organize themselves to implement the decisions taken in a controlled and precise manner.

Nicolas Potier

Nicolas Potier

Associate Director
A graduate of Science Po Paris, Nicolas specializes in economic and financial modelling of public-private projects and leads projects for intelligent territories and digital transformation.


Smart City Observatory

The Smart City and Smart Territories Observatory, founded with the support of the Banque des Territoires, collects baseline data on the evolution of Smart Cities in France and provides an overview of the digital transformation of the territory.

Carried out in partnership with the Fédération Nationale des Collectivités Concédantes et Régies (FNCCR) and Villes de France, the Observatory has witnessed the rise of smart peri-urban and rural territories, the organization of data governance within cities, the emergence of new digital professions, the emergence of new practices in terms of citizen participation and levers for innovation and profitability for elected officials.

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Nicolas Potier

Nicolas Potier

Associate Director Tactis
A graduate of Science Po Paris, Nicolas specializes in economic and financial modelling of public-private projects and leads projects for intelligent territories and digital transformation.
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