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Expert multi-disciplinary support


Tactis is driven by a double mission of strategic and engineering expertise for the operational support of large digital shared projects, both public and private. 

At Tactis, the cooperation of generalists and experts in the treatment of digital transformation permits a transversal vision of projects and the establishment of links between different audiences (public/private, infrastructure/services, etc.), and results in realistic projects.

The company was born from the will to help the territories to undertake this challenge and to help private parties mutually benefit from their investment efforts.

Digital planning of the territories

The Tactis group supports you in your high and very high speed infrastructure projects by formulating a global strategic plan.

From the techno-economic modeling of projects to the transfer of know-how, Tactis relies on various tools and expertise to put your digital network master plan in place :

  • Observation and Vigilance
  • Responding to call for tenders and financing files
  • Public/private project management
  • Business plans (CAPEX / OPEX, revenues…)
  • The set up and monitoring of performance indicators

Shared telecommunication infrastructures

Tactis offers its strategic and economic expertise to stakeholders in the telecommunications and services sector for the realization of innovative cross-network digital projects:

  • Strategic studies
  • Market studies
  • Infrastructure deployment project studies
  • Economic evaluation
  • License files
  • Answers to public consultations

Regulation of telecommunications

Tactis provides sector-specific analyses, studies and tools to regulators in order to give them better understanding of the markets:

  • Analysis of pertinent markets
  • Implementation of sector-specific regulation
  • Strategy and implementation of decision-making tools (observatories, geographic information systems, open data platforms, etc.)
  • Wholesale model pricing
  • Litigation support

Setup and financing of public/private projects

The Tactis group can guide you in the technical-economic 3D modeling of your projects. We will be by your side as you reply to a call for tender, and our consultants can advise you on :

  • Investments in key stocks
  • M&A strategy (extension of the value chain, acquisition, sale of assets, integration plans, etc.)
  • Responses to procedures
  • Analysis of regulatory and legislative settings
  • Project auditing
  • Performance of due diligence

Tactis Ingénierie

Tactis Ingénierie provides comprehensive and independent expertise on all your projects:

  • Engineering and management of your project deployments
    Tactis Ingénierie has for mission to ensure to the public or private contracting authorities control from end to end of their telecommunications infrastructure project.
  • Support the implementation of the project
    Our experts follow the entire commissioning of the telecommunications network
  • Audit an infrastructure
    Tactis Ingénierie also intervenes in the context of the assessment procedures of the networks
  • Ensure quality performance
    Our teams have tools and methodologies that are continually upgraded by our experiences in the field.

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Tactis Innovation Services

Tactis Innovation Services assists you in:

  • Engaging the digital transformation in your territory,
  • Achieving the implementation of innovative projects,
  • Developing a strategy of a digital network generating added value,
  • Promoting action and mobilizing financing from national public and European institutions,
  • Getting the most from the good digital practices in France and abroad,
  • Responding to calls for projects,
  • Increasing the competence of your collaborators regarding digital issues.

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