Study on the data-based management of public policies, “towards territorial big data”.

The National Federation of Local Public Service Authorities (FNCCR) is an association of local authorities specializing in local public services: energy, water, waste management and digital technologies.

In 2016, Tactis carried out a study on behalf of FNCCR on the challenges of “collecting and managing digital data for the management of public policies”. Far from limiting the scope of this study to the metropolitan areas, which are already able to embark on a transition towards “territorial big data”, Tactis also analyzed the problems involved in more rural territories, and the relevant level for the implementation of a local public data service. 9 recommendations were made to this effect.

This study was complemented by consultation meetings with the members of the FNCCR “electronic communications” committee, and by interviews with relevant stakeholders (local authorities, CNIL, ANSSI, private players, delegates, etc.).

This study led to the drafting of a white paper, “Succeeding through the Digital Revolution”, which addressed the understanding and popularization of data, as well as related proposals for initiatives.

This study is a sequel to the study already conducted by Tactis in 2013, which dealt with the challenges of communication meters and, more generally, with the information relevant for territorial management, as part of Smart Grids and Smart City initiatives.


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