Philippe Parmantier

Associate Director of Tactis Innovation Services

Philippe Parmantier has around thirty years’ experience in the fields of information technology, information technologies applied to local communities, eGov projects, etc. Since 2015, Philippe has been at the head of Tactis Innovation Services, the subsidiary dedicated to the digital transformation of territories. Graduated in economics, he is now an expert in ICT strategy and organization.

For the State, and for regions, departments and cities, Philippe Parmantier has carried out both strategic missions related to the guidance of public policies, and more operational missions to support contractors in the area of digital services. His competencies span a wide spectrum:

  • National land planning and development strategies;
  • Public governance and institutional arrangements;
  • Design of management systems adapted to the modernization of organizations;
  • Change implementation and public communication;
  • Cost-based project management (service efficiency and quality).

His dual cultural background as both a consultant and a journalist for local and regional authorities – a profession that he has been in for some fifteen years – has enabled him to cover most of the areas impacted by digital technologies: e-government, e-education, e-health, economic development and digital processes, e-agriculture, smart territory, environment and sustainable development, and energy.

In particular, he has managed ICT projects for the following clients:

  • The State: development of digital administration projects (daily life card, development of local services by digital technologies);
  • Regions and departments: coherence schemes, usage patterns and digital services, support for the deployment of shared service platforms;
  • Cities: development of urban service monitoring platforms (Urban Community of Greater Dijon – 2016), computer schemes (Greater Lyon) and digital administration;
  • Public financial institutions such as the Caisse des Dépôts: studies on the digital competitiveness of territories, on general managers for services and innovation, and more recently, on smart territories.

As a project manager, he is participating in the design of several development plans for digital uses and services, and assisting local authorities in their smart city, smart territory and data governance projects.


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