Benjamin Fradelle

Associate Director

Graduated from INT Management, he provides Tactis with a cross-cutting, technical, economic and financial skills base related to the deployment of telecom networks

Since 2002, Benjamin Fradelle has been developing expertise in the field of digital development of territories, particularly in the definition of a strategy for local authorities and the technical and economic approaches associated with public initiative networks.

Backed by his wide range of experience, he has acquired a deep knowledge of the economic models of electronic communication networks (CAPEX, OPEX, revenues, etc.), whether collection or ultra-high speed networks.

Since 2009, he has assisted many local authorities in the drafting of the SDTAN, and in the operational implementation of projects under the France THD plan, for a total of more than 3 million scheduled FTTH connections, under a variety of legal arrangements (concession, leasing, public service etc.): Seine-et-Marne Numérique, Doubs THD, La Fibre Numérique 59/62, Gironde Numérique, Loir-et-Cher Numérique/Indre-et-Loire, Hérault department, Charente Maritime department, and the Grand Est region. The public and private investment involved in the projects managed by Benjamin Fradelle totaled more than 3 billion in the 2013-2024 period.

He regularly assists the investors involved in the financing of THD projects and, in that context, acted as an adviser to the lenders on the “revenue” aspect of the Alsace Region’s THD project.

He also works internationally on regulation-related projects (unbundling, fiber optics/NGA), and the development of business parks for developers. Since the end of 2013, he has been helping ANSUT (Ivory Coast) in the implementation of its national backbone project: the public procurement of construction works for 5,000 km of fiber optics and the selection of an operator for a leasing (“affermage”) procedure.




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