Tactis Innovation Services

Accompanying innovative territories towards smart cities


Tactis Innovation Services accompanies you to:

  • Engage the digital transformation of your territory in order to create new dynamics of growth and services,
  • Achieve the implementation of innovative projects in the areas such as administration, energy, tourism, mobility, education, health or culture,
  • Formulate a digital network strategy generating added value and contribute to the development of highly skilled jobs,
  • Promote action and mobilize financing from national public and European institutions,
  • Make the most of the best practices in France and from abroad,
  • Respond to calls for projects and develop grant documentation within a short time,
  • Increase the competency of your collaborators on digital issues.

The objectives

Tactis Innovation Services emphasizes the business logic, its aggregation and the resulting interactions to meet the challenges of digital transformation in your territory.


The method

Tactis Innovation Services has developed a methodology to accompany territorial projects that focuses mainly on three approaches:

  • Project management: cross-steering, valuing property and existing resources, adaptation of governance to innovative and cooperative projects,
  • Promotion of collaborative and open innovation: development of new proximities, strengthening the attractiveness of the territories and participatory creativity,
  • Creating effective and sustainable ecosystems: construction of digital platform accelerators, data governance and active and permanent search for frugal solutions and funding sources.

The means

The expertise of our consultants covers the entire digital value chain:

  • Understanding of the dynamics in a renovated territorial framework,
  • Listening to actors and taking into account local specificities
  • Extended monitoring and detection of best practices,
  • Command of large domains of public action,
  • Construction of creative, cooperative and sustainable projects.

The design, installation and operational support of the projects constitutes a set of appreciated assets:

  • Solutions and shared projects (platforms),
  • Open innovation, service design and prototyping,
  • Planning institutional governance,
  • Approach based on costs and economic modeling,
  • Organization and networking,
  • Dissemination and follow-up of the new practices and territorial cultures.


SmartCity Observatory

Tactis Innovation Services oversees the “SmartCity Observatory” initiative that lists a panorama of policies and actions carried out by a hundred cities and territories each year.

It allows for the identification of the current trends from a few essential approaches:


  • Town Strategies,
  • Project domains and stages,
  • Control and implementation of the actions,
  • Success factors.



Advice in electromobility

Tactis Innovation Services has developed an independent strategic consulting activity in the area of electromobility and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Tactis puts its expertise in large public infrastructure projects to benefit from the development of electric vehicle projects.

The firm works with national and territorial decision makers to:

  • Develop economic models for project developments,
  • Optimize the networking infrastructure within territories,
  • Accompany the implementation of the projects.

Tactis Innovation Services ensures a strategic interface between the actors:




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