Tactis Ingénierie

Engineering and management of your project deployments

Tactis Ingénierie has for mission to ensure to the public or private contracting authorities a mastery of their telecommunications infrastructure project from start to finish.

Our teams are made up of experts having managed for at least 20 years, the design and construction of large infrastructure networks of telecommunications in Europe and Africa (with operators, OEMs, integrators and contract companies).

This expertise covers both the fixed and mobile networks: backbone (fiber optic, wireless capabilities, Data center), local loop radio, mobile networks, elevated infrastructure (TowerCo…), urban networks and sites with high densities (WiFi, small cell, FTTx), infrastructure for rural/coverage service site universal telecom (satellite, mobile radio,…):


  • Identification, negotiation and follow-up of building sites telecoms (Data center, shelters, outdoor)
  • Project management of resorption of the white areas (blankets, identification of sites, followed by the work…)
  • Deployment of WiFi networks for large-scale events


Support the implementation of the project

Our experts follow the entire commissioning of the telecommunications network:

  • Creation of the teams: : definition of the organization, job profiles, recruitment, training/skill transfer…
  • Formalization of the architecture of operation and equipment to implement to ensure operation, maintenance of the network and the commercial activity (NOC Network Operations Center, CRM,… information systems)
  • Definition and the choice of sub-contractors


Audit an infrastructure  

Tactis Ingénierie is also part of the network evaluation procedures, during the acquisition of infrastructure (“due diligence”) or in procedures for disputes between players as an independent expert.


Ensure quality performance

Our teams have tools and methodologies that are continually upgraded by our experiences in the field. All of the data produced by our teams respect usable digital standards (Geographic Information Systems…) and we structure our projects under management methodologies adapted to complex projects (including Project Management Professional®).

Management process for your projects

Feasibility Study

  • Survey
  • Movable infrastructure
  • Theoretical link budget
  • Mobile telephony, wireless (WiFi) coverage map
  • Generic engineering

Project specifications

  • CCTP drafting
  • Passive equipment
  • Equipment assets

Assistance in the decision for the selection of suppliers

  • Analysis of the offers
  • Technique
  • Financing
  • ROI

Follow-up of deployments

  • Validation of pre-project
  • Validation of execution plans
  • Validation of radio coverage
  • Fiber/radio link assessment
  • Engineering oversight
  • Obtaining administrative approvals
  • Management of sub-contractors
  • Follow-up committee
  • Financial monitoring (deposit/count)
  • Planification

Reception of work

  • Verification of GC depth
  • Reception factory
  • System validation
  • Validating energy dimensions
  • Expansion tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Pylon validation
  • Validation of the DOE (executed works folder)
  • Reflectometry tests
  • VGO (Verification of Good Operation) Network operations

Exploitation du réseau

  • VRS (Verification of Regular Service)
  • Network administration
  • Team sizing
  • Maintenance organization
  • Defining spare lot
  • Team training
  • Implementation of management and operational tools
  • Implementation of the customer relationship (CRM…) tools

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