Stéphane Lelux

Founder and CEO of Tactis / Innopolis Group

Stéphane Lelux is a network and computer engineer (ESI SUPINFO PARIS, 1988, and Master in Business Management from the IAE of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne Graduate Business School, 1989). He has 25 years’ experience working for private operators and public authorities in digital planning of territories and economic development. He also advises private stakeholders on their business and investment plans in the field of shared telecommunication infrastructure projects (Europe, Africa, overseas territories, etc.). He started his career in Brussels in the early 1990s.

His expertise is mainly related to:

  • The development of technical and economic models of open and shared telecommunication projects (fiber optics, TowerCo etc.), service platforms (Datacenter, cloud services etc.) and e-services (e-health, e-gov. and e-education)
  • Leading over 100 projects in the sectors of telecommunication infrastructure and services
  • The development of digital plans and digital master plans (metropolitan France, overseas territories and emerging countries), particularly related to (landline and mobile) high and ultra-high speed Internet and smart projects (Smart City and innovative connected rural territories, Smart island etc.)
  • The engineering of public and private projects within the framework of Public Initiative Networks (PINs) in France and in emerging countries (mainly in Africa)
  • The definition of a regulatory framework for the development of high and ultra-high speed broadband
  • Strategic and economic studies of telecommunication infrastructure-related projects or operations with investors and funders.

In 2006, in association with FING (Next Generation Internet Foundation), he launched the “Transformation of urban services and digital networks” (Cities 2.0) program. Then in 2012, with the Mines Telecom Institute- PARITECH, he founded the forecasting and R&D group “Futuring Cities”.

Very active in the areas of monitoring and forecasting, he is also an administrator of the association Renaissance Numérique (a French digital think tank) and has participated in FING‘s forecasting studies ever since its creation. Since 2012, he has been the Founder and President of the French Association of Consultants in Digital Development of Territories (GCANT). He is a member of the FIRIP (International Committee).

He is an expert recognized by French and European authorities, global funders (World Bank, AFD – the French Development Agency etc.) and emerging countries (Africa, Asia). He is called upon as an international expert by the European Commission and political leaders.

He regularly participates in conferences and seminars held by different associations (local authorities: FNCCR (The National Federation of Local Public Service Authorities), AVICCA (Association of towns and local authorities for electronic communications and audiovisual), ARF (French Association of Regions), ADF (Assembly of French Departments), etc.; Telecommunications industry: FRATEL (Network of Telecommunications Regulation), ITU (International Telecommunications Industry), Symposium on Networks and Telecommunications, FTTH Council Europe (Fiber to the Home  Council Europe), TRIP AVICCA (Public initiative networks and territories for AVICCA); Smartcity and Innovative Territories: Innovative City Convention, Interconnected Forum, Very Fast Debit Forum, BIM World, Conference on Digital Transformation in Africa…).

In 2017, he found the Do4Africa (Digital Observer 4 Africa) association in collaboration with the Agence Française du Développement (AFD). The goal is to contribute to the development of innovations in Africa by offering an open data platform to public and private stakeholders. This platform was launched in May 2019 during the Transform Africa Summit with the collaboration of the Smart Africa Alliance.


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