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Tactis, the French leader in digital territory organization


Tactis is an independent engineering and consulting group, founded in 1995 by Stéphane Lelux.

The group offers strategic consulting services and operations assistance. It is involved in a wide variety of missions in the following areas:

  • High and ultra-high speed telecommunications (fixed and mobile),
  • Innovative territories (“smart” urban or rural projects, data management, mobility, energy, durable development…)
  • Economic development related to digital technology.

Our mission: to identify projects and support their implementation.

For the past ten years, our business has developed strongly in Europe and on the African continent.

Our group is wholly-owned by its management team, via the Innopolis holding. From its neutral position, it provides expertise to decision makers, from project startup through project implementation and follow-up.

The office carries out nearly 100 missions per year and obtains 50% of its revenue from the international sector, principally on the African continent and the Middle East. For the year 2017, the Tactis Group’s anticipated turn over is estimated at approximately €10 million gross with more than 70 collaborators.

The group

The Tactis Group has developed through the creation of two subsidiaries, Tactis Ingénierie and Tactis Innovation Services, in order to accelerate the development of activities that are complementary to the board’s missions.

Structure Tactis 2

Tactis Ingénierie was created in 2014 for:

  • the operational support for the management and control of the construction of telecommunications networks
  • the operations audit
  • the service quality

Since 2015, Tactis Innovation Services supports:

  • the services and usage component (services platforms, public management of the data…)
  • the innovative public policies (Smart City, Smart territories…)


Tactis, a player engaged in the field of innovation


Tactis is a founding member of numerous entities in the field of innovation (VIVAPOLIS, CREDO, FIRIP, GCANT, FING, Renaissance Numérique, Futuring Cities, BIM Cities Alliance…) and participates in the work of the main associations of French and international telecommunications (AVICCA, FNCCR, FRATEL, UAT, ITU FTTH Council…).


Digital Renaissance is a place of exchange, reflection and expertise that helps inform citizens and policy makers, from a common interest perspective through an educational, scientific, cultural, and social project.

Stéphane Lelux is a member of the board of directors and is involved in the territorial Council (for the deployment of the network and the creation of maps).

Since 2016, Tactis joined the Federation des Industriels des Réseaux d’Initiative Publique (FIRIP). This federation aims to promote the players in the network of public initiatives in France and abroad. Stéphane Lelux is a member of the international commission.
Stéphane Lelux was the founding President of the Groupement des Conseils en Aménagement Numérique du Territoire (GCANT). It aims to promote the profession of consulting, the development of the field and its appropriation by the territorial public stakeholders.
Tactis is a member of the Cercle de Réflexion et d’Etude pour le Développement de l’Optique (CREDO). It aims to enhance the role and the use of fiber optics technology and participates in the BUS of the fiber.

Our main achievements


Tactis was awarded in the Capital ranking for being among the best consulting firms of 2017.



Nicolas Potier

Associate Director

Benjamin Fradelle

Associate director

Gérard Hardy

Associate Director

Frédéric Landrin

Associate Director Tactis Ingénierie

Philippe Parmantier

Associate Director Tactis Innovation Services

Franck Abihssira

Associate Director Tactis

Yann Jaffré

Associate Director

Bernard Binagwaho

Africa and Middle East Director


clients and current projects


billions of euros in public and private investments overseen by Tactis


consultants and experts


countries of intervention

Our history


Creation of Tactis


Accompanying new entrants on the telecommunications market


  • AMO 1st digital territorial strategy in France (TIC Mixed Agency Syndicate – d’Amiens)
  • 1st Experimental License of the opening of the telecom market (Paris Airport, Marseille Provence Teleport…)


  • Open competition of the telecommunications infrastructure in Europe


AMO 1st French alternative fiber optic backbone


AMO 1st project for the operation of large fiber optic in France


Creation of the 1st French telecom network observatory


  • Creation of the 1st observatory of the ORTEL telecom network



  • France Broadband link to two-speeds


Placement of the SAFE underwater cable linking Africa to Asia


  • Development of the first public-service broadband initiative



  • Recognition of the framework for intervention of local and regional authorities in telecommunications
  • Authorization to become operators of operators for local authorities (France)



Creation of the City 2.0 surveillance program


  • ACA to the largest public/private FTTH project in France/Europe



  • Installation of the EASSy submarine cable connecting the East African coasts
  • Commercial launch of the first smartphone


  • Legislation for the Development of Digital Development Master Plans
  • Launch of submarine cable projects connecting Africa to Europe (ACE, WACS)
  • EU Guidelines on State aid to NGA networks


  • Publication of the 1st evaluation report on the deployment of FTTH connections in France



  • Commercial launch of the first tablet


First national modeling for the deployment of FTTH for everyone in France


Ultra-High Speed France Plan


Creation of the first Smart City observatory in France


Awarded the largest public initiative FTTH network project as part of the France THD plan


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